Buddhist Statues


Buddhist statues are well known for their exhibited artistry and divinity, making a class for themselves. They are regarded to be one of the most prized possessions, not only in India and the Southeast but also abroad. These Buddhist statues can be of a wide range of sizes and forms, from small wooden or metal figurines to even life sized displays. They are regarded as the most elegant gift items, fit for both formal and friendly occasions, capable of bringing out the color of these moments, exhibiting warmth, dignity and grace.

Buddhist statues with metal finish are the most popular works of art, fit for auspicious ceremonies, like wedding parties and farewell meets at workplaces. They are also perfect gifts for a number of informal gatherings, like, wedding anniversaries and house warming get together. Elegant statuettes made up of burnt clay, glass and china are fabulous mementos with all their grace.

Wooden Buddhist statues, figurines and similar works of art originated in ancient India, gradually spreading to China and the rest of the Orient, with the passage of time. India and China soon earned worldwide fame due to the artistry and class that were manifested in Buddhist art. From then onwards, until the recent times, Buddhist works of art have indeed earned their rightful place in the hearts of millions. Buddhist figurines, like the famous Laughing Buddha, are not only used for home decoration but are also quintessential items in Feng Shui and related practice.