Barrels or casks are hollow cylindrical containers made of wood. Wood is cut into strips or staves and bound together with iron hoops. Modern barrels are made in aluminum and plastic as well. Barrels are also known as kegs. Barrels have a convex shape. They have a bulge at the middle and narrow slightly at both ends. The bulging shape of barrels makes them easy to roll and transport. The spherical shape of the barrel distributes the stress evenly all over the container. Barrels are used in the wine and liquor industry to mature the drinks. Barrels are available with shove, spiels and keystones in their openings. These openings are used to access the drinks inside the barrels. Stoppers used to seal the holes of barrels are known as bungs. Barrels are also used for transporting oils and other liquids. Barrels are a very convenient means of shipping goods.

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