Ashtrays are used by smokers. They are receptacles used by smokers to collect the ash, cigarette butts and cigar butts left over from smoking. Ashtrays may be made from a variety of materials. They are often glazed to prevent the materials from being spoiled from the heat. Ashtrays are filled with water to stub out flaring cigarette ends. The most common design of an ashtray is that of a shallow cylinder with a flat base that rests on the table or surface. There are some ashtrays that have notches made into the rim. The notches are used to hold the cigarettes or cigars. Spanish ashtrays consist of two interlocking parts. The bottom part is filled with water. Built in ashtrays are found in cars, airplanes, toilets and many public places. Ashtrays are often part of table settings. They are placed on the top right hand side behind the wine and water glasses.

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