Ash Furniture


Furniture is a common term used to collectively denote movable objects that support the body, provide storage, hold objects above the ground or contain smaller items. Furnitures serve functional purposes as well as decorative purposes. Domestic furnitures create spaces for comfortable work. Furnitures have been a part of human lives since non-nomadic cultures. Evidence of early furnitures exist in the form of paintings. Early furnitures have been excavated from the sites of the 8th century BC Phyrgian tumulus, the Midas Mound in Gordion, Turkey. Furnitures can be made from a number of materials like plastic, wood, metal or fiber. The most commonly used material for making furnitures is wood. Ash is a kind of wood derived from any of the four different tree genera of four distinct families. The most common type of ash is derived from the genus Fraxinus of the olive family Oleaceae. Ash trees are usually large to medium sized trees. They are mostly deciduous, even though a few subtropical species are evergreen. The leaves of the tree are opposite and are rarely found in three whorls. They are pinnately compound and simple. The seeds of the ash tree is known as keys and is a types of fruit known as samara.

The Uses of Ash Wood:

Ash wood is tough, strong and elastic in nature. It is used for making wooden bows, tool handles, baseball bats, hurley sticks and various other objects that need high strength and resilience. Ash wood is also used to make the bodies of guitars. Ash wood guitar bodies are well known for their bright cutting tone and sustaining quality. Ash veneers are frequently used for making office furnitures. Ash wood also makes for good firewood.

The most economically significant ash tree species are White Ash in eastern North America and European Ash in Europe.

Manufacture of Ash Furnitures:

Ash wood can be easily worked with hand or power tools. The cutting edges of the tools endure normal wear. Furniture pieces made of ash wood can be easily glued but it is better to pre-drill them. Screws inserted into the wood holds well. The ash wood is well known for its excellent bendy nature. This is possible because of extremely long fibers. However, this can be a problem when the wood is turned on the lathe.
Characteristics of Ash Wood Furniture: Ash wood is straight grained and without any open pores. It also does not have any distinctive taste or odor. The ash wood fiber has high resistance to shock and very good steam bending qualities. The wood of ash is quite stable with only a little drying downgrade. Furnitures made from ash wood should be treated because ash wood is quite susceptible to fungal and beetle attack. The sapwood of white ash is clear to pale yellow, giving the furnitures a light shade. Black ash wood ha a tan or pale brown color. Ash wood furnitures have a beautifully stained finish. The rings of the wood are porous and in order to give the furnitures a glass like finish, a pore filler needs to be used. Ash wood furnitures have a lovely grain which add a lot of character to the finished piece. The naturally soft finish of the wood highlights the loveliness of the wood.

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