Antique Wooden Furniture


Wood is a solid substance that is derived from woody plants. Wood commonly means, the secondary xylem of woody plants. Wood has been used for many purposes since many millenia. The main use of wood used to be as fuel. Later it started to be used as material for making artwork, furnitures, tools and weapons. It also started to be used as construction material. Antiques are collectible items which are at least a hundred years old. They are collected because of their age, rarity, condition, utility or other unique characteristics. Antique objects are usually objects of a previous era in human society. Antique objects generally show a high degree of craftsmanship or some attention to details. In today's consumerist society, the atypical construction of antiques and their age give them a market value which is a lot higher than similar objects manufactured in the present time. The value of an antique is determined by its appeal and social acceptance. Antiques can be bought in antique shops, or they can be passed down as heirlooms. A few valuable antiques are bought from antique dealers and auctioned off or sold online through websites and online auctions.

Collection of Antique Wooden Furniture:

Collecting antique wooden furnitures is very popular due to the practical characteristics of the antiques. Antique wooden furnitures include dining tables, chairs, bureaus, chests, beds and cabinets and wardrobes. The most prized antiques are made of mahogany, oak, pine, walnut and rosewood. Each of these woods have their own distinctive grains and color. Many modern furniture manufacturers use laminates or wood veneers to achieve the same effect at a cheap price. The styles of antique furnitures vary greatly depending on the region and time of its

manufacture. The most well known antique furnitures include Georgian antiques, Regency antiques and Victorian antiques.

Characteristics of Antique wooden Furnitures:

Antique wooden furnitures are collected on the basis of their age, rarity, utility, condition and unique features. Antique wooden furnitures support the human body and at the same time, they exhibit a high level of beautiful craftsmanship. Some antique wooden furniture can also be used for storage purposes. Antique wooden furnitures used for storage hold small objects such as clothes, tools, books and light household goods. Antique wooden furnitures are products of artistic design and fall into the category of decorative arts. Antique wooden furnitures can also serve symbolic or religious purposes. Domestic antique wooden furnitures may be made in conjunction with clocks or lightings.
Nowadays antique wooden furnitures have become status symbols for the wealthy people. The moneyed homeowners have become more refined and they demand that their houses and furnishings reflect their status and lifestyle.

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