Antique Pillars


Pillars are architectural or engineering structures. They transfer the weight of vertical structural elements above them to structures below them. Pillars can be compounded or made as a single piece. Pillars are at times used merely as decorative features. Antique pillars can be found in castles or old houses. At times whole pillars from run down houses are transported and installed in modern houses. Pillars were first used in Egypt. The surface of pillars were carved to reflect organic forms. Later, Egyptians also used faceted cylinders as pillars. Antique pillars give a house a look of sophistication and grace. Antique pillars can be seen in many structures in India. Decorative antique pillars are in great demand by architects and the designs of many antique pillars are copied in pillars of modern houses. Old designs can be seen in many modern structures today.

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