Almirahs may be made of wood or metal. Wooden almirahs are usually very decorative. They are carved out of exotic wood and have intricate carvings. Wooden almirahs are inlaid with pleasing designs. They are good for storing objects and make good show items as well. Sophisticated and elegant almirahs are built with symbolic resonance that create an enchanting aura. Almirahs are usually specimens of artistic excellence. The intricate designs and carvings add to the magnificence of almirahs and the aesthetic appeal of rooms. Almirahs are used in homes as well as offices. The styles of almirahs can range from simple styles to heavily worked traditional designs.

Wooden almirahs often have jaali work done on them. Almirahs that are beautifully carved and have well contoured lines are examples of superb craftsmanship. They are crafted in ethnic as well as modern styles.

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