Steps To Design A Wooden Framed Mirror


Ranging from traditional to modern, wooden mirrors can easily work in almost every décor. Furthermore, these are very easy to design which inspires many to make a nice cheap wooden mirror for their households. If you are of the same thought, here is a brief overview of the design procedure. The process is a bit challenging but it can indeed be done if some basic protocols are followed. The list of tools that you will need is not that large. Rather it is quite a short and inexpensive list comprising of some basic devices like paintbrushes, sandpaper, saw, and paint along with a few accessories in the form of adhesive, masking tape and mitering box. Let us now focus on the designing process.

Your first and foremost job is to consider and select your décor. Just for instance, if your room has more of a traditional look, consider using a frame made of barn wood for your glass. On the contrary, if your room has a modern look, a plain wooden framed mirror can add a lot of value to the visual appeal of your room.

Next, measure the dimensions of your glass and write it down. Next, buy a sufficient quantity of lumber for the project. If you are planning to make a large wooden mirror, it is recommended to purchase a molding having its inner section cut away. These cut areas will help in holding the glass in place.

Cut and saw the molding into four slices as pas the measurements of the glass. Make sure that each piece has a minimum length of at least the total length of the glass plus a few inches of molding width for mitering purpose.


Using a mitering box, miter all the corners, as delicately as possible. Sand away the rough edges.

Glue all the pieces using a good quality glue and get it clamped. Leave it for a day until the glue gets completely dry. After a day, get the clamps removed and wipe away the excess glue.

Finally paint or stain the frame. Lay it flat and get its sides stained with adhesive. Place the glass and leave it for a few hours. Once the adhesive sticks to the frame, your very own glass is ready for use.