Woodcraft Folk Gaining Popularity In India


Woodcraft folk are a form of extra curricular activities that was included to the basic high school educational curriculum with a purpose of helping the students to explore their surrounding better, face new challenges which will in turn help in strengthening the mental and physical ability of the fast growing teenagers. This form of extra curricular education started mostly in the western countries but the huge share of success it enjoyed inspired many other countries to adopt the same to help the students grow better. Woodcraft folk of India have been growing in popularity thick and fast, but the process has intensified over the last decade.

Some people are of the wrong belief that school camping has no other activities other than carpentry. This, is however a very wrong idea. There are quite a lot of adventurous activities which are really enjoyable and at the same time quite challenging. This article writer remembers making pancakes, playing manic games, designing a nice little wooden frame as a part of the camping activity. Trekking, rock climbing and canoeing are some other popular activities that are often included as a part of the curriculum.

Indian woodcraft folk camps are not only meant for the high school goers only. Infact, people of every age and gender participate in the same if they have a flair for adventure and intend to do something different amidst tough routine life with packed schedules and huge responsibilities.

Every camp has its own workshops, music, art and craft, debate and extempos sessions which not only promote creativity but also teaches politics as well as morals which are of vital use.

If you are interested, here a few tips to help you in the process. First of all, select a suitable place with a lot of space for camping. Invite your friends and family for the special occasion. For new and innovative ideas on different types of activities that you can organize, take a glance at different books and the web. The process is really easy, the only thing you need to do is to find a few willing people to help you run sessions and a group of excitable children.