3D Woodcraft-An Epitome Of Creativity


3d woodcraft, better known as three dimensional woodcraft is a form of art which saw its genesis many centuries ago. Initially primitive tools were used to design these structures. However, will passage of time and gradual development of technology, today high quality power cutting tools are commonly used for designing purpose. The advent of these tools has made it easier to make a translation of 3d images to human life from raw blocks of wood.

The 3d woodcraft crafting process is a tedious process that requires a good combination of patience and expertise. The skilled designer’s designs different exquisite work of art that is mostly available for sell in the fairs and exhibitions. Here is a brief overview of the carving process. If you have a passion for art, here are a few tips to help you carve your very own 3d image.

The primary step is to set up a workshop. Size is not a criterion, but a bigger size is always better for smooth execution of work. You can definitely make your workshop in whatever available space you have. Coming to the tools that are required, you will be happy to know that it does not require anything more than a simple chisel and hammer. However, if you have a bigger budget, you can purchase a power carving tool as using such a tool makes your design process simple and quicker and at the same time makes your carvings even more precise. Good quality paints and stains are the other materials that are needed, mostly for decorative purposes.

The 3d woodcraft model and puzzles carving process is mostly created on three geometric planes, namely X, Y and Z. In crafting, bas relief process is also counted to be three dimensional despite the fact that in that process, one side of the carving is flat. The bas relief process is considered to be ideal for small wall hangings.

As we have discussed earlier, manual designing is also possible but the process threatens to be quite complex and tedious. Hence, it is better if you manage to use a power carver. The power carvers have a number of attachments including carving, sanding and engraving tools that can be used for different purposes. Hope that your first crafting experience will be a memorable one. Wishing you good luck.