Woodcrafts in Indian Regions




Walnut trees of Kashmir are extensively used for furniture items like tables, chairs, stools, and partitions. Carvings and wax polishing on wood enhance the aesthetic value of the furniture.


Carved furniture of Barmer includes tables, low stools, cabinets, screens, chairs, tables, almirahs, racks etc. The stunning inlay work on wooden figurines is other notable works of art. Jali or latticework is another significant work of art.

Madhya Pradesh

Wood like shisham, teak, dhudi, sal and kikar are used for furniture items. While Gwalior, Sheopur-Kalan, Rewa and Budhni are main centers of wood lacquering.


Uttar Pradesh

Saharanpur and Banaras are important centers of furniture. At Saharanpur Floral, geometric and figurative carving is also done here with wood inlay work. While Banaras is significant for lacquered toys and miniature utensils for children to play with.

Andhra Pradesh

Kondapalli is known for brightly painted wooden toys, while Etikopakka is known for wood lacquer ware.


Karnataka is famous for Sandalwood items like, boxes, trays, key chains, and small figurines.

North East

In this region woods are used for making tree houses and other form of houses.