Indian Furniture



The handicraft furniture of India from places like Rajasthan and Gujarat are famous across the globe for their exquisiteness. There is a large export of these handicraft products to the US and Europe.

Traditionally, colors of golden, orange and brown with ornate designs in silver are used for Sankheda furniture. Today, artists also use colors like ivory, green and purple.

Sankheda Technique

Specific sizes of the Teakwood pieces are executed. Then they are shaped on a lathe by rotary action of a bow and string. Pieces are then shaved and smoothened to provide them with a round shape. Coat primer is applied and then the pieces are left to dry. Beautiful designs like geometrical shapes to floral motifs are executed from a squirrel's tail brush. Designs are highlighted by polishing the wood with the akik stone. It is followed by application of lacquer after which the pieces are mounted on lathes on burning coal. After this a leaf of kewda tree is used to smoothen the lacquer coast. Eventually, the pieces are drilled for fitting torque and groove joints.

With the modern times the carpenters have started using motorized laths. However they are particular that the inherent quality of the art that makes it so special should not be disturbed.