Wood Working



Woodworking is one of the oldest hand crafts. It is a craft of making wooden materials and decorative pieces. This mechanism is done by cutting, shaping and assembling the pieces of wood to form a new shape. To make a perfect wooden structure the wooden materials are softened by applying heat and then brought into desired pieces. Woodworking is the construction of new articles by shaping and assembling the wooden products into decorative articles like furniture, frames, mould, boats and patterns. Woodworking is a mechanism that includes five chief operations these are, sawing, planning, steam bending, gluing and finally finishing. To bring into a definite shape immense pressure is applied after softening the wooden materials by applying heat and moisture.

Materials Used for Fine Woodworking:

Generally two principle types of adhesives are used for woodworking, natural origin and synthetic. Woods used for different wooden work vary in their basic quality of hardnessand grain. The tools commonly used for woodworking are mallets, simple gouges and chisels and other pointed tools. The wood properties differ due to many reasons, wood’s directional nature, the physical and mechanical characteristics, its moisture and mineral content. Wood properties also differ from tree to tree. Every wooden piece contains a definite level of moisture and when wood looses this moisture levels, much below the fiber saturation point shrinkage occurs into the finished products.

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