Woodcarving is not a new idea it is popular since middle ages in France and Italy when the theme of woodcarving was Christianity. Woodcarving is one of the most important crafts of in India and some its neighbors like Thailand and Myanmar.

Decoration of wooden pieces by carving certain figures and figurines of gods and goddesses were very common in that age. Some common methods and styles of woodcarving are discussed below.

Relief Carving- Relief carving goes through many stages. The quality of carving depends on carver’s efficiency. If the carver is quick in his work of carving he gives very less time for the same part.

Caricature Carving- Caricature carving is a humorous woodcarving craft which are usually made from different inanimate objects. The craft is basically experimented on celebrities from different fields.

Chip carving- Chip carving is again an important aspect of woodcarving where knife is used to remove the scattered chips of wood from the surface.



Whittling- Whittling is a type of woodcarving in different shapes done with a knife from raw wood. The knife used for whittling are generally light and small bladed usually pocket knives are used for the purpose.

Flat- plane Carving- Flat plane woodcarving is again a type of carving of figures and figurelines which are generally carved in flat surface by using special carving knives. Some other types of woodcarvings are Treen and love spoon.

The style of carving depends on the nature and style of wood used for carving it also determined by the portion where the wood is actually strong. The carving should be done with the ‘grain’ the strongest direction of wood and not by ignoring the ‘grain’.

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