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Handcrafted Wooden FurnitureThe desert state of Rajasthan is well known for its woodwork. The art of woodwork has been prevalent here for quite a long time and has survived mainly due to the royal patronage. The art found its way into the religious life as well since it was used in making ornaments, ceremonial arches, pillars and other things related to religion and ceremonies.

Furniture making formed an integral part of woodwork, and found its pride of place in the havelis and palaces in the medieval period. Even today, the furniture made in the state is quite popular throughout the country. Rajasthan is the only state where the latticework on wood is done. At Jodhpur and Kishangarh, one comes across the painted furniture that consists of screens, doors, caskets and chairs. Again, from the regions of Ramgarh and Shekhawati come the ornamental wooden furniture with floral designs that adorn the projected niches and balconies of the houses.



Rajasthani furniture is available in various designs, patterns and styles, some of which are distinct to particular regions. Barmer and Jodhpur produce the finest carved furniture in the state, which includes windows, tables, beds, dining tables and chairs, sofa sets with center tables, couches, cabinets, dressing tables, screens, bars, trolleys and other items of domestic use.

In some parts of Rajasthan and even Gujarat, a tradition of painting furniture in various colors is quite common. Traditional designs and motifs are generally painted. The regions of Kishangarh and Jodhpur are famous for painted furniture. The items that are generally available in this range are small chairs and tables, bajots and chowkis, stools with string seats, boxes, cabinets, mirror and picture frames, doors and windows.

One can also find white metal furniture in this desert state. The concept of white metal furniture seems to have come from the furniture used by the erstwhile royal families in India. The royal households used to clad some wooden furniture pieces with gold or silver sheets, especially for ceremonial purposes. This concept became quite popular and gradually the gold and silver was replaced by the white metal to make it economically viable.

To enhance the beauty of these items, further improvisation was carried out to decorate white metal with bright enamel colors. Besides furniture items like tables and chairs, white metal doors with enamel work and picture frames are very attractive. Even screens are made in white metal. And if you want to have real silver plating done on you furniture that too is possible.

The art of papier-mâché, which is quite popular in some parts of the country, has been put to use by the skilful artisans of Rajasthan to manufacture unique and very attractive-looking pieces of furniture. The products include chairs, couches, benches and seats, cabinets and containers shelves.

The furniture of Rajasthan displays traditional grandeur and elegance. The carved and decorated chests chairs, cradles and low tables and stools are worth buying. Each object is desirable, whether inlaid with brass sheet work, painted with dancing figures, or embellished with hunting scenes. So get yourself these objets d'art and decorate your home like a palace or haveli.

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