Furniture of Rajasthan



The art of woodwork in Rajasthan is notable for its aesthetic and functional appeal. Furniture making is an essential part of the woodwork. Centers like Jodhpur, Barmer, Kishangarh, Rangarh, Shekhawati are known for their designs, patterns, and styles.

The technique of painting furniture in various colors is quite common in Rajasthan. The items, which are generally available in this range are small chairs and tables, bajots and chowkis, stools with string seats, boxes, cabinets, mirror and picture frames, doors and windows.

The concept of White Metal Furniture is also vogue in the State. It is believed that the metal furniture used by erstwhile royal families in India made the concept extremely popular. White metal furniture employs bright enamel colors to give it a visual appeal.

Papier-mâché furniture, which includes chairs, couches, benches and seats, cabinets and containers, shelves are also very popular in the state of Rajasthan

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