Tatting is a type of ancient craft which is done by using shuttles. These shuttles could be one or more than one. Tatting is again a hand crafting technique. Tatting is used in making lace edging, doilies, collars and many such fancy items.

According to some popular belief tatting has emerged from netting and decorative rope work. While there are some other people who believed that tatting originated two hundred years ago. But still there are many other examples which proof that the craft of tatting originated in 19 th century.

Tatting is done with the help of shuttle a material used in tatting mechanism. This shuttle used for tatting is made of metal or plastic and its shape is pointed or oval. Shuttle is available in variety of shapes and sizes. Needle tatting is a type of tatting where in the place of shuttle needle is used. The tatting method evolved in the early twentieth century. In the craft of tatting long needle is used. The designing pattern of tatting differs according to difference in hands like there are some tatting experts who prefer visual tatting pattern.

It is found that the art of tatting is hardest to learn but simple in doing. There are many books and instruction guide

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