Significance of ring of lotuses and bamboo trees in Madhubani Paintings


Madhubani paintings or colorful illustrations on walls are an integral part of the auspicious occasion of wedding in the region of Bihar. The symbols of ‘ring of lotuses’ and ‘bamboo trees’ associated with fertility and progeny are extensively used in this style of paintings. In the ‘second’ marriage ceremony when both the girl and boy actually enter the married state, the walls of the room where they reside are depicted with murals where the bamboo tree is shown plunging into the lotus circle illustrating the consummation of marriage.

It is also worthy to note that both the bamboo tree and lotus ring are associated with fertility as they proliferate rapidly in a conducive situation.

Besides these symbols, other representations include a symbol of moon to ensue a long life, sun to fertilize and impregnate, turtles to bring beneficent powers to the matrimony, parrots to symbolize bride and bridegroom and fishes to help in fertility.

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