Stained Glass



Stained glass is a type of glass that is colored and designed. It is a craft of working with designed or colored glass. While manufacturing Stained glasses are colored by adding some metallic salt into it. Stained glasses are also used for doors and windows where all colors are painted and applied. The ancient stained glass technology was first introduced in Greece. This first technology of stained glass was twisting of glass threads on clay. Later on in 2nd and 3rd century B.C., the glass making technology started spreading in whole Mediterranean. The middle age witnessed the production of glass as much as never before. At present time the ‘John Hardman Trading Co., Ltd’ founded in 1838, which started its working on stained glass, in the year 1844 is one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of stained glass in world. The Hardman Co has made famous stained glass works in the London house of parliament and many famous churches in England and Ireland.

The stained glass manufacturing factories are especially found in the regions where there is abundance of silica. The art of stained glass requires extreme artistic excellence and engineering expertise for assembling the scattered pieces for making decorative pieces. Stained glass is mostly preferred for windows in terms of privacy and to prevent extra light.


The designs on windows have their respective themes some represent the ancient history with deep ironical meaning. Some represent the literature and culture of a country. Some are figurative and some are non figurative.

Stained glass technology is very famous throughout the world and at present many people have professionally accepted this work.

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