Spinning is the process of creating fibers with the help of different raw materials. The process of spinning goes like the separate fibers are warped together and bind in a longer yarn. The yarns produced from spinning differ in their basic quality due to the difference in the quality and quantity of materials used while spinning. The yarn or fiber produced after tight spinning has no air in it and they are called worsted. In contrast to worsted the woolen spun yarn have more air in it and are softer.

In the ancient days spinning was done by twisting the fibers from hands, after that a stick called spindle started getting used to make the twist. Later the spinning wheel became very popular as it helped in producing both quantity and quality fabrics. The hand rotated spinning wheel became very popular especially in India due to its association with Gandhi.

In the recent times many new spinners have joined the field of spinning inventing new ideas and creating new techniques in spinning. Many new spinning practices like, dyeing and mixing are now used in this field. The craft of spinning is day by day expanding and shifting. The introduction of spinning wheel has made the work of spinning much easier and the production quality and quantity both has increased in abundance.

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