Phadas:Paintings of Rajasthan



Phadas form an integral part of the rustic and vibrant cultural legacy of Rajasthan. They are large paintings executed on cloth depicting the deeds of heroes like Goga Chauhan, Prithaviraj Chauhan, Amar Singh Rathor, Tejaji Papuji, and Narayandevji. The central of the cloth depicts the main story and the puranic tales are illustrated on the border areas.

Traditionally, vivid colors derived from the vegetable and mineral dyes have been used. The artists does not paint the eyes of the main character till the time he does not hand over the painting to bhopa (a person from the bhopa caste who specialize in singing different tales)

The bhopa sings the stories shown on phada in the accompaniment of music.

In ancient times it was customary to cast old phadas in river at Pushkar hence not many Phadas from the olden times survive.

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