Mosaic is a floor design or picture constructed from different small pieces. A mosaic is an art of extreme skill and expertise it needs a lot of human intelligence and practical skill, a good knowledge of carving designs along with it a good imagination is utmost necessary. Mosaics need an expert knowledge of material choice. The broken mosaic pieces used become strong and durable after they are assembled together.

The original mosaic design was first introduced in eighth century B.C. Those were made of pebbles of same size in different colors. These mosaics were used to form designs on floors, roofs and pavements. Though the credit of the origin of mosaic goes to the Greek civilization, still there were many other civilizations also which witnessed the growth of techniques in mosaics. The Roman culture became most popular for its artistic excellence in mosaics. At that time the Roman mosaics were the best mosaics of all. With the fall of Roman Empire mosaics started loosing its identity in art and crafts. But in course of time mosaics again started developing its art form in Venice, Lebanon and Greece.

Mosaics designs are of various types. It can even be 3-dimensional with objects, designs and many remarkable substances.

Mosaics hold close resemblance with tiles they look so identical that it is tough to find difference between them this similarity is in sense that the geometric tile arrangements are called mosaics. Tiles are also used to make mosaics these tiles are first cut, shaped and then polished and decorated.

From ancient times till today, the methods applied in mosaic making has not changed much. Actually with the increasing advancement in technology of tools and materials the process of mosaic making has become quicker and easier.

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