Macramé Art


Macramé is a kind of making traditional textile applying the method of knotting. Geometric patterns are also formed with the help of a macramé variety called, Cavandoli macramé. Macramé design is made by using some common materials like, Hemp, Leather and cotton twine. Macramé techniques are often implied to make some common accessories like friendship belts much popular among school children. Again wall hangings and window covers are also made by applying the method of macramé. Macramé craft got a huge popularity in the middle of 19 th century. Macramé is a type of fiber craft which basically means a pattern of decorative knotting. Generally there are two basic types of knots used in almost all variations of designs are the square knots and the double half hitch. Macramé design is used for creating multitude of patterns. Actually the term macramé is derived from an Arabic word. Macramé is popularly used by sailors to decorate their ship parts.
Macramé work is also popular in designing wall hangings, jewelry, and handbags jewelry and plant hangers. The Chinese type of macramé is different from traditional to modern macramé. In Chinese macramé there is only one piece of string which is folded in two halves. These pieces are always symmetrical and double sided.

Macramé is all about decorative adjustment of knots. If you understand the basic pattern of macramé knots you are sure to achieve mastery even in most complex macramé designs.

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