The Armenian region is very famous for its knowledge in lace making. In the Armenian plateau almost all people are well acquainted with lace making art. In Armenia lace making is the chief occupation of people. Even if they have moved away from Armenia they have not left their traditional identity of lace- making profession.
The art of lace started loosing its identity with the beginning of 19th century. But in the winter of 1872 the lagoon was again seen around Burano, where people were completely dying out of poverty and then the art of lace- making was again introduced for survival of people.

The work of lace- making goes with certain steps these are as follows;

  • At first a design is hand made or printed on a piece of cloth or paper.
  • Now the designed cloth or paper is wrapped.
  • Next the guipure is done on the cloth or paper.
  • The net is applied on the piece.
  • If you can see the guipure the net and the bars then be assured that your work is going in steps.
  • Now you are in the last part of your work, you have to do now the relief and detachment.
  • Now do the final skinning and ironing.

Lace Making in India

The art of lace- making is also very popular in India. Some of the Indian states like Travancore are very skilled in lace work. The Godavari in Narsapur is a women organization based on art of lace making. The organization is in the banks of Godavari Delta and so its name is Godavari.

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