Glass Bead making



Bead making is the oldest art form and the technology of bead making first emerged at least 3,000 years back. Glass beadmaking is the method of manipulating glass and so, the art of beadmaking is divided in three chief categories they are; molded beads, wound beads and drawn beads. There are many patterns of transforming molten glass in bead or in beadmaking, in these; lamp- winding is the most familiar one. The work of glass beadmaking began as a creative writing exercise. In the beginning of the work the beadmakers or the artists created different designed beads in latticini, stripes, ribs and dots Even you can try the art of glass bead making at home by using a torch which will help you in melting the glass beads. Take a metal mandrel rod, dip it into mandrel coating and leave it overnight for drying. Before starting the work please wear your safety glasses and then concentrate your torch on it. Though the art of glass beadmaking is simple but it

needs a lot of concentration and skill. There is a lot to learn in glass beadmaking. After beadmaking is finished you need to decorate your beads by following many decorating methods like, raking, dots, drags, by decorating with flowers and other decorating objects.
You can try the art of glass beadmaking at home. But a starter needs immense training and skill in the work. A beginner can start this art by having some basic knowledge on glass basics, equipments arrangement, safety and tools.

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