Indian Art and Nature Worship



Nature is an integral part of Indian life, art and culture. According to traditional pantheistic belief, human nature and Nature as a whole are intrinsic to each other. Therefore, nature has always been essential to Indian imagination. The mountains and hills, river and lakes, plants and tress are still regarded as the natural abodes of deities and auspicious places for meditation. There are thousands of such spots in India whose special sanctity is enhanced by daily rituals. The serene Himalayan retreats or the sacred riverbanks shelter sages and Yogis of India. Especially consecrated are the sources and confluences of rivers.

Once, British Ambassador Thomas Roe arrived in the court of Jahangir and the Emperor asked him to identify the original European Painting placed alongside five copies of it, made by the Indians.

This completely foxed the Ambassador much to the delight of the Emperor highlighting the artistic merit of the Indian painters.

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