Art of Appliqué


It is a decorative work in which a piece of cloth is decorated with glass pieces, metals, wood or metal wires. The craft is practiced in the region of Orissa and Rajasthan.

Pipli, a place in Orissa is a main center of Appliqué work.

The red, purple, black, yellow, green and white fabrics are mostly used in this craft. First, a base material in the shape of square, rectangle, circle or oval is prepared and then it is stitched onto the base cloth in aesthetic arrangements. After attaching the appliqué patches to the base cloth it is stitched.

Punjab also has traditional appliqué work called 'Phulkari'. This craft is usually executed on shawls, and chunnis.

While in Andhara Pradesh Banjara women wear blouses and headscraves decorated with appliqué and mirror work.

Rajasthan has an appliqué or gota work. Shekhawati is an important center for this technique.

Utility items like bags, lampshades, and tablemats are also decorated with this technique.