Textile Motorcycle Jacket


Textile Motorcycle Jackets are used for protection purposes while riding motorcycles and forms a highly recommended part of a rider’s apparel inventory. The jacket is designed primarily to protect upper part of the body and the arms in the course of an unfortunate accident during a motorcycle ride. The contemporary textile motorcycle jackets are breathable as well as wind and rain proof. Although any motorcycle jacket enhances the style and appearance of the user but undoubtedly its topmost priority is to protect the upper part of the body during any crash. To meet the requirements of the different categories of motorcycle riders, several manufacturers have started manufacturing world class innovative textile jackets which are very comfortable to wear and functionally beneficial to the users.
Different types and categories of textile jackets are made by manufacturers all over the globe for all kind of motorcycling like utility transportation, commuting, and recreational riding. All the textile motorcycle jackets are aimed at aimed at making motor cycle riding easier, comfortable, convenient and safe. Leather is the primary choice for motor cycle jackets but other varieties of textiles are also used in making motorcycle jackets. A good quality and properly designed jacket can cause less damage to a user during an accident. The most reputed brands in the category of motorcycle jackets include Alpinestars, Icon, Joe Rocket, AGV, Spidi, Shift, Firstgear, ZIR, Arlen Ness, Speedrag, Thor, Moose, MotoGP and Powertrip.

Leading Textile Motorcycle Jacket Manufacturers

  • Aero Design & Mfg. Co. Inc. formed in 1983 concentrates on creating innovative textile based armored gear for motorcycle riders and it offers a wide range of AEROSTICH products which are highly focused on fit of the product, function, care and use. The textile motorcycle jackets comprise of the following variety.
  • Falstaff Motorcycle Jacket
  • Light weight Darien Jacket
  • Hi-Viz Darien Jacket
  • Hi-Viz Roadcrafter
  • Fleece Jacket
  • Kanetsu Darien Liner
  • Hideout is another famous brand that is associated with textile motorcycle clothing. Almost 26 years ago Peter Hamlett started manufacturing quality motor cycle clothing. Hideout offers a complete range and wide variety of textile clothing and accessories required by the motorcycle riders. The range of textile jackets available in Hideout is extensive and it includes Grafitti jacket, Korax jacket, safety jackets and many more.
  • Alpinestars fall under the category of leading manufacturer and designer of motorcycle apparels and accessories and they are very famous for their high quality motor cycle jackets. The textile jackets of Alpinestars offers ASR, T-Venom-Stunt, T-Stunt Air Flo, T-Dyno and Air Flo.
  • First gear is another leading manufacturer of good quality motorcycle jackets and apparel.