Textile Machinery



The term ‘Textile' is a Latin word which comes from the word ‘texere' which means ‘to weave'. Textile originally referred to a woven fabric but latter on the term textile as well as the plural textiles refers to fibers, filaments and yarns.

Textile machineries refer to the various machineries used in different stages of manufacturing of textile products in textile industries.

Textile machineries have a wide range of uses in various stages of production.

History of textile machinery

Textile Industry its evolution and progress forms an integral part of the history of textile machinery. Since the dawn of civilization, clothing was one of the man's primary needs. This led to the spinning of fiber into yarn and the cloth weaving which finally resulted in innovation of new technologies for textile industries.

Early spinning:

The first textile machinery used was the spinning wheel. It first developed in India and then in 14 th century it reached Europe.

History of loom:

Loom is ancient in origin and the modern invention to increase its skill was the flying shuttle which John Kay patented in 1733. Textual Mechanization

The initial enhancement in the early spinning machines took place in in 1737 when Lewis Paul and John Wyatt discovered the roller method of spinning jenny and water frame by Samuel Crompton in 1779.

Types of Textile Machineries Textile Machineries comprise primarily of two types:

  • Textile process machineries
  • Textile working machineries and equipments and accessories

Various Textile process machineries

  • Cloth finishing machines
  • Knitting machines
  • Fabric seaming machineries
  • Crochet machines
  • Lace making machines
  • Label making machines
  • Quilting machines
  • Textile finishing machines
  • Textile sourcing machines
  • Textile spinning machines
  • Textile winding machines
  • Textile edge control device
  • Thread winding machines
  • Tufting machines
  • Weaving machines
  • Zipper making machines
  • Woolen mill machines

Various Textile working machineries and equipments and accessories

  • Applique scaling machines
  • Attaching machines
  • Cloth measuring machines
  • Cloth cutting machines
  • Embroidery machinery
  • Garment machinery
  • Industrial sewing machine
  • Laundry dryers
  • Monogramming machines
  • Textile bleaching machines
  • Textile folding machine
  • Textile trimmers machine

Uses of Textile Machineries It is primarily used in cotton mill, covering plants, wool mill, garment factory; man made factories of fur and trades goods inspection units for the entire length of fabric rolling. It is especially beneficial for inspecting and rolling export fabrics.