Textile Designer



A textile designer has to deal with a great range of duties and responsibilities.

A textile designer is generally responsible for the following activities.

General work performed by textile designers :

  • Attracting clients by proper planning and presentation
  • Briefing the initial ideas and concepts to clients
  • Analysis and research works
  • Development of design
  • Commercial aspects of finished product

Textile designers primarily fall into two basic categories.

They either work for design agencies, manufacturers or retailers or they work as Freelancers.


A textile designer needs the following skills and qualities .

  • A basic understanding of color, texture and pattern
  • Creativity and artistic sense
  • Adequate knowledge of various techniques and characteristics of different textile materials
  • Knowledge of recent market trends
  • Ability to work in a team
  • Good communication skills
  • Knowledge of relevant softwares used in textile designing
  • Marketing, financial and administrative skills in case of freelancers

To create innovative and a wide variety of designs, textile designers usually works in knit, print or weave.

There are two basic fields in textile designing .

  • Interiors ( home furnishing )
  • Fabrics for garments and accessories

Specialized works performed by textile designers are categorically listed below .

  • Creating sample design set
  • Liaising with clients to plan and develop designs
  • Proper interpretation and representation of clients' ideas
  • Creating sketches and designs for presentation to the clients
  • Proper assessment of finished products
  • Utilizing specialized computer aided design software (CAD) to create a great variety of designs
  • Color, fabric and texture experimentation
  • Possessing updated knowledge of new developments in the field of designing and production techniques
  • Creating innovative design concepts
  • Maintaining deadlines
  • Attending trade shows regularly
  • Getting updated with contemporary fashion trends in textile designing
  • Developing and maintaining a network of business contacts