Textile Design


Textile design associates itself in making creative, stylish and contemporary designs. Textile design requires special skills to create innovative designs.

The necessary skills follow:

  • Creative ability
  • Technical skills
  • Commercial awareness of textile industry
  • Research and data handling
  • Critical evaluation and interpretation of materials
  • Quick decision making ability

Key aspects of textile design

The core area of textile designing involves the following:

  • Designing fabric by using different technique comprising of printing , weaving, ornamenting fabric, print technique , tracing embroidery and color detailing.
  • Providing support to the clients to visualize the design.
  • Helping the clients to correct samples while executing prototypes.

Main activities in textile design

Textile designing involves the following basic activities.

  • Creating sets of design samples
  • Coordinating with clients to plan and develop designs
  • Experimenting with color, fabric and texture.
  • Conceptualizing new innovative designs
  • Attending trade shows regularly
  • Keeping up with emerging fashion trends

Design studios
A textile design studio comprises of a group of textile designers and is equipped with computers and design software to provide quality service and maintain professional standards.

Different range of studio design products consists of bed linens, table linens, floor covering, cushions and curtains and many more.

Textile designing
Designing stalls for exhibitions
Designing showrooms

A design studio ultimately puts up products for sale to prestigious buyers from all over the world.

Career in textile designing

With growing market potential for textile products there is a wide range of career options in this field. Textile design comprises both surface design and structural design. Textile designers usually handle embroidery designs, print, weave and texture. Textile designers need to have detail information about textile fibers and different methods of textile design..