Textile Consultant



Textile Consultant offers technical, engineering creative, marketing and other related services in the textile industry .

In simpler words, Textile consultants offer solutions to business needs in textile industry. Textile consultancy consists of a number of services which are extremely beneficial for the manufactures in the textile sector Labor issues.

Primary Services provided by Textile Consultants Product or process development

  • New process and product research
  • Detail analysis of technical specifications
  • High level of technical assistance
  • Infrastructural changes

Troubleshooting and Process Audit

  • Fiber and fiber processing audit, scouring, spinning weaving, dyeing and finishing procedures for improving the quality of the product and making it cost effective
  • Identifying and immediate rectification of the problems related with textile processing.

Designing and assessment of equipment Processing sequences

  • Defining properly and adequately the dyeing and finishing requirements of the specific quality of fabric
  • Factors that the apparent shade of the fabrics
  • Choosing the right kind of dye to meet specific requirements
  • Creating new innovative fabrics through chemical and mechanical finishing
  • Equipment and capacity issues

Studying and properly assessing the current work procedures

  • Work practice comprise of instructions for current work, dye house procedures
  • Variables in the process of dyeing
  • Rationalization of dyes and chemicals
  • Labor issues
  • Issues involving technical expertise

Other Services

  • Marketing services
  • Providing guidelines about recent market trends
  • Creative services

Basic textile solutions provided by textile consultants

  • Environmental services
  • Evaluation of products
  • Characterization of materials
  • Technical textiles
  • Preparation, spinning and fabric manufacture
  • Dyeing and finishing
  • Wool scouring and effluent water treatment system

Few Leading Textile Consultants

  • Deepco Export and Import textile Agency—China
  • Alyaf Industrial Co. Ltd.—Saudi Arabia
  • Masood Textiles – Pakistan
  • Koka Consulting—U.S.A
  • Taiwan Textiles Federation—Taiwan
  • K.M. Associates--- India
  • Ana Textile Consultancy Pvt. Ltd.--- India
  • Atira--- India
  • Texanlab—India
  • Texcore Combines---India