Textile Company


Textile Companies refer to those companies which are in involved in textile production. These days, the Indian textile companies are seeking to acquire growth, maintain their professional excellence and extend their footprint and access global markets. While their journey is not without obstacles, there is certainly a sort of rejuvenation in the textile sector, which was once declared and considered as an old economy debt-ridden sector.

Indian textile companies are forming overseas alliances to expedite the process of rejuvenation and expand their growth.

Overseas alliance to help move up the chain:

Many Indian textile companies have formed alliances with their global counterpart in an attempt to access global markets, acquire technological know ledges, design professional skills and getting branded and retailing ability. The strategic justification behind the alliances can be summed up below.

Branding and retailing capabilities:

Indian textile companies usually have the advantage of a cost effective manufacturing base, but they face severe problem in global branding and retailing capabilities. Tying up with overseas companies results in moving up the value chain and emphasize on the more lucrative branding and retailing business.


Market access:
Direct access to global markets can be acquired easily by forming overseas alliances.

Technology transfer:
Transmission of technology and technical details of manufacturing for manufacturing the premium end products from global counter parts.

Designing capability:
Overseas alliances help Indian companies to obtain international design capabilities and product development skills.

In India the textile sector comprise of the following textile companies and the approximate number of companies manufacturing the categorized group of product-

  • Companies manufacturing badges, emblems ribbons and allied products - 175
  • Companies manufacturing bed covers, curtains, cushions and other draperies-2471
  • Companies manufacturing carpets and rugs- 270
  • Companies manufacturing embroidery rings, knitting needles and related products-41
  • Companies manufacturing embroidery and embroidered garments, made ups and furnishing- 848
  • Companies manufacturing fabrics and textiles-3013
  • Companies manufacturing yarns and threads-1201
  • Companies manufacturing jute products-337
  • Companies manufacturing kids apparel and garments-1052
  • Companies manufacturing ladies apparel and garments-2932
  • Companies manufacturing men’s’ apparel and garments-2936
  • Companies manufacturing miscellaneous garments, textile and leather accessories-1658
  • Companies manufacturing yarns and threads-1201
  • Companies manufacturing wool, woolen garments, blankets and accessories-468
  • Companies manufacturing textile chemicals, dyeing and finishing chemicals-239

Few Global Leading Textile Companies

In the global scenario, China and Japan occupies a prominent position in textile sector.

  • Asia Global Exports: Located in Shanghai, is one of worlds fastest growing company which exports textile garments
  • PERERA COLLECTIONS USA INC: Leading textile company manufacturing denim products
  • City Apparel Tex.Co. (CATCO):Based in Bangladesh is a leading manufacturer of textile garments.
  • Mansi Textiles: one of the leading textile manufacturing organization in India .