Southern Textile



Southern Textile is an organization that is involved in apparel/general merchandise wholesale, liquidation and exporting business. Southern Textile was established in 1973 and it comprise of a team of experienced professionals who are operating all over the world and serve the buyers and customers of all the continents.

Southern Textile caters to the diversified needs of retail stores, wholesale distribution center or an e commerce market place as it offers a variety of branded products which are widely available for purchasing. The selected category comprise of computers, computer components, home office products, consumer electronics, digital cameras and video equipment, house wares, sports, hobbies, jewelry, gifts, accessories, apparel, shoes, furniture, domestics, home improvement, collectibles, and many more at reasonable low wholesale prices.

Southern Textile enjoys 30 years of experience and expertise in wholesaling and is devoted completely in finding the most excellent deals for its clients from all over the world.In this context it is necessary to clearly define and describe the term, wholesale is a term that is closely associated with commercial aspect of textile product and textile industry.The practice of selling of textile goods or merchandise to retailers, commercial, institutional, or other professional business users or to other textile wholesalers is known as textile wholesaling.

Wholesalers often physically assemble, sort and grade products in huge quantities, then break the bulk and repack and redistribute them in smaller quantities.Southern Textile is one of the leading remarketer of reverse supply chain merchandise to professional as well as wholesale buyers. This company enjoys 30 years of experience in liquidation industry. With over 30 years experience in the liquidation industry and it has long-term business relationships with major retailers, manufacturers and distributors. Southern Textile has expertise product range in major categories of consumer merchandise such as electronics, apparel, footwear, toys, furniture, entertainment and general merchandise.

The warehouse locations and national presence of Southern Textile offer professional purchasers fast and reliable access to bulk lots of wholesale and discount goods to fulfill their requirements.

Southern Textile also has the credit of successfully using the internet to generate an interactive market place which helps the professional buyers to access conveniently the brand name merchandise at concession in a short span of time.

Apart from providing access to live inventory the website of this organization also offers the convenient and time saving option of placing online orders and arrangements for shipping requirements.

To take full advantage of online facilities, a business associate of need to have an account with Southern Textile and this account in turn offers the following access

  • Real time product availability.
  • Real time order placement.
  • Real time order status.
  • Downloadable manifests.
  • Quicker responses from sales representatives.
  • Overview of recent online transactions