Momentum Textile



The mission of Momentum Textiles is to create textiles that will not only inspire but also equip the customers to perform excellent and satisfactory work for their clients. Momentum Textiles continuously aims at providing better quality of service and operational brilliance.

History of Momentum Textile It was established by a group of 37 pioneering people when they bought the contract upholstery division from the parent organization. In 1993, Momentum Textiles became an organization that is owned by the employees. The company has witnessed continuous growth due to its constant emphasis on quality and service.

In 1997, Loom Source was created to cater to the specific and specialized requirements of the customers in the hospitality market. Loom Source offers an extensive range of seating upholstery for guest rooms.1998 signifies another landmark in the history of the organization as in this year under the direction of Hazel Siegel,

Momentum Textiles purchased Textus group.Textus Group offered a means to Momentum Textiles to fulfill the requirements of the high-end corporate customers.


Products and Services of Momentum Textiles

  • Woven fabrics
  • Vinyl
  • Cubicle cloth
  • Wide spread custom services
  • Card programs to premier furniture manufacturer
  • Color coordinated lines for the architectural and design contract market

Values of the organization

  • Making the job of the customer easier
  • Hiring, developing and enhancing the skill and quality of service of the employees
  • Constant improvement of the product quality and services
  • Increasing the value of the share holders
  • Honest and fair interaction in all sphere

Growth of Momentum Textiles Along with the passing years the company has emerged as a leading supplier of contract textiles.Momentum Textiles along with the Textus and Loom Source caters to the diversified needs of the office,healthcare and hospitality markets and increasing selection of upholstery. Momentum Textiles provides upholstery and panel fabrics produced from recycled fibers. To reduce the sample waste this organization got united with Association for Contract Textiles for the Return/ Reuse program.