International Textile Group


International Textile Group is a diversified U.S. fabric manufacturer and it is privately owned. In March 2004, International Textile Group (ITG) was formed from the merger of Burlington Industries, established in 1923 and Cone Mills, founded in 1891. Four key business units are presently operated by ITG and its annual sales approximately sum up to US$700 million. WL Ross & Co. owns ITG and currently it has more than 6,000 employees from all over the world. WilburL.Ross, New York based investor is the chairman of ITG and Joseph L.Gorga is the president and CEO.

In North America, ITG produces fabrics and it also announced its plans to establish fabric mills in China, Vietnam and Central America. ITG announced plans to merge with Safety Components International, Inc., a Greenville, S.C. company that is involved in manufacturing nylon fabrics mainly used in automotive airbags in September, 2006

Core Companies Operating under ITG

  • Burlington World Wide Apparel: It supplies synthetic and wool fabrics for apparel.
  • Burlington House Interior Fabrics: It supplies mattress cover, window treatments, bed linens, upholstery and other home accessories.
  • Cone Denim: It supplies denim fabrics for apparel.
  • Carlisle Finishing: It comprise of commission dyeing, finishing and printing operations of fabrics utilized both for apparel and interior furnishing.

Dorma bed linens fall into the category of ITG's most current venture.Dorma bed linens enjoys exquisite quality and a rare attention on intricate details.

Though U.S. represents ITG's largest market but the company is making rapid expansions in the international business scenario.ITG makes extensive investments in operations, research and development.

ITG supplies products for middle to end markets. Each segment of product range enjoys a unique style and great quality of fabric.

ITG constantly assesses new opportunities and creates innovative designs and products to serve fabric and home furnishing industries .