Industrial Textile



Textiles which are specifically designed and engineered to be capable of using in products, processes or services of mostly non-textile industries are termed as industrial textile. Another distinguishing feature of industrial textile is that unlike the traditional use of ordinary textiles in apparel and furnishing, it is primarily utilized by industrial professionals in different types of high performance and heavy-duty applications from non-textile industries. Traditional textiles enjoy a distinct form of textile art and textile design.
The term industrial textile(textile industry) is mainly used to refer non-traditional textiles and it is also known as technical textiles or high performance textiles or high tech textiles.According to the definition industrial textiles possesses three primary uses.

  • It can be utilized as a component part of any other product and provide direct contribution in strength, performance and other related properties of that product. e.g. tire cord fabric in tires
  • It can be used as a device in the procedure of manufacturing another product. e.g. paper machine clothing in manufacturing of paper
  • It can alone be utilized to perform a single or multiple specialized functions.


History of Industrial Textile

Tradional textiles are considered to be a little older than industrial textiles though both of their origin trace back to several thousands years ago. The tradition of modern industrial textile started with usage of canvas cloth to sail ships in the ocean. The industrial textile market witnessed a remarkable change in the first half of 20th century with the invention of man-made fibers.

Usage and Significance of Industrial Textile

  • It plays a significant role in space exploration and space suits are created with layered fabric system to provide protection to the astronaut.
  • Space vehicles are made up of specialized industrial textiles as it can withstand a temperature of several thousands degree.
  • Industrial textiles are widely used in military applications to provide greater protection to the soldiers
  • Specialized industrial textiles are used in aero planes and environmental protection and high way construction.
  • Industrial textiles even makes contribution in making artificial kidneys used during dialysis of patients. The greatest advantage of industrial textile is that it not only possesses strength, flexibility and elasticity but also offers various designing options.