e Textile



What is e- textile?

Electronics textile or e textile belongs to the category of newly emerging discipline in the field of research which combines specialists in respective discipline of information technology, microsystems, materials and textiles. The emphasis of this upcoming area is aimed at developing the enabling technologies and fabrication techniques for the economical production of large area and conformable information systems which are estimated to have multiple applications in both consumer electronics and military industry.
e- Textiles are most likely to generate a considerable body of research which will have far reaching implications in our everyday life, consumer market and multiple applications .It requires remote sensing, processing and actuation. e-Textile will throw new challenges for hardware and software system developers due to its unique and individualistic requirements.

Small electronic devices like PDAs and cell phones have made significant contribution in changing our day-to-day

life for the past few years. Electronics textile or e textile aims ay establishing a routine structure in textiles by using standard printed wiring board. The emphasis of e-textile will be on creating a woven textile with embedded copper wires which will provide the usual wear comfort and at the same time it will have a circuit with a few chips running at few megahertz.

Use of Electronics textile or e textile

Embedding electronics in textile garments would result in inventing new application in various fields. For e.g. in the field of medical prevention and rehabilitation, it becomes highly necessary to continuously monitor the patients' health condition by keeping sensing devices close to the body and e-textile can successfully accomplish sensor functionality.