A garment is liked by the people when it is undergone some elegant craftwork on it. Embroidery is the finest craft that makes a cloth beautiful and attractive. India has had a very old tradition of embroidery with varying styles in different nooks of country. Crewelwork is one of such embroidery styles. It is said to be a thousand years old technique of beautifying the wearables.

Crewelwork is mainly a work of wool over the surface of cotton or linen. Craftsmen need special crewel needles to carry out crewel embroidery. Besides, to create a textual and colorful effect on the surface of the garment many different kinds of embroidery stitches are used like couching stitch, split stitch, chain stitch and stem stitch. An embroidery hoop or frame is required for the ultimate finish of crewelwork.

Stylized flowers are the main motif used in crewelwork. The entire surface is not covered and the background is left untouched. Woolen threads are used in crewelwork. Crewelwork is not as colorful as chain stitch as only three or four colors are used. Many home furnishing items like curtains, cushions, woolen floorings, bedspreads and wall hangings look stunning after the crewelwork. Crewelwork is popular craft form of Kashmir .

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