Terracotta Vase



Terracotta is a kind of ceramic. It has a brownish orange color. Terracotta is made by refining clay and then partially drying it. Terracotta is glassed to make it waterproof. The unglazed terracotta varies in color after firing. The color ranges from orange, orangish red and brownish orange to yellow, gray and pink. Terracotta has traditionally been used to make sculptures and pottery items as well as bricks and roof shingles. Terracotta vases are made by molding them by hand. The hand modeled vases are made into innovative figurines and images. Scalpels or chisels are used to carve designs into the vase surface. Terracotta vases lend a unique earthy look to any room. The distinctive orangish brown color of terracotta makes it a much coveted item for home decoration. Terracotta vases are softer than ceramic or glass vases, but they look just as good.

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