Tableware Set


Tableware set includes all the pieces of dinnerware or kitchenware that are used to have dinner or lunch at a table. A tableware set may be made of earthenware, stoneware, porcelain or pottery. It also includes dishes, serving bowls and serving dishes, small bowls, serving trays, spoons, forks, glasses, rice and curry bowls. A tableware set may also include different types of glasses and cups used to drink different types of beverages. The tableware set can be plain white, cream or in other pastel shades or they can be multi-colored with floral, geometric, checked or striped patterns. White ceramic tableware set with a golden border on the edges is the most in demand. Personalized or non personalized tableware sets serve as good gift items on different occasions. Ceramic tableware sets come at reasonable prices while the customized ones are a little expensive.

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