Marble Tiles



Marble, a stone composed of calcium carbonate, serves as an important article for making handicraft items. Marble statues and sculpture are pretty famous all over the world. In recent times marble tiles have also become important articles of art and craft.

Marble tiles are used extensively on the walls and floors of our homes and offices. Earlier, the tiles used to be plain without any design. But, now days, we can find tiles with beautiful and exquisite patterns and designs.

Marble tiles can be glazed or unglazed. The glazed ones have a smooth surface and are resistant to water stains. They are easy to maintain. They come in different colors and patterns. These tiles can have a satin, matte, glossy or a dull finish.

The unglazed tiles are resistant to scratches. Waxing is required to protect the surface of these types of tiles. Though used extensively, maintenance of these kinds of tiles is difficult.

You can use these tiles on the walls of your office, bathrooms, living room, kitchen and even bedroom. In these cases you may choose to go for tiles with beautiful designs like dolphins, flowers, leaves or even abstract ones.

They give a whole new look that changes the entire décor of your home. Step into any modern house and you are sure to find marble tiled walls, sporting elegant and modern designs.

You can choose a tile based on a certain theme or matching the furnishings of your house. For instance, you can choose tiles bearing pictures of dolphins for your bathrooms, while tiles with the flower motifs can be used to accentuate the beauty of your living/bedroom.

There are many marble tiles manufacturers in India from whom you can buy simple to beautiful tiles. Kajaria Tiles, Rajasthan Stone Syndicate, Khetan Tiles Private Limited, RK International and Indian Stones amongst others are some of the major suppliers of marble tiles in India.

So the next time you decide to revamp your home, use marble tiles to beautify and glamorize its interiors for that out of the world look.

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