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Uttaranchal is a land mass surrounded by the Himalyan rocks from north side where snow laden peaks provide the touch of white beauty. The snow-clad region is famous for its temple architecture, wood carving, paintings and traditional ornaments.

Temple Architecture

Temple Architecture was patronized by wealthy and powerful kings of the region. They encouraged the construction of big stone temples, wood carvings, ornaments etc. Big stone temples were erected with highly intricate and ornamental carvings, having beautiful stone and metal idols. Kamaleshwar Temples of Srinagar (Garhwal) and Nanda Devi Temple (Distt. Almora) are fine examples of these.

In the Garhwal-Kumaon region, one can find a temples with lotus shaped roof, lion over the elephant which is projected over lower Shikhara normally covering the audience hall and outer walls executed either in Panch Rath or Sapta Rath pattern, giving the temple a cylindrical shape. The main temple is invariably surrounded by a couple of smaller temples, which house deities of lower hierarchy.

Wood Carving

Craft-persons of the Uttaranchal had mastered the art of wood carving. Abundant in Wood and wood product, the artisans of the region has designed simple and beautiful designs on carvings on Doors, windows and ceilings in the houses of the region. These beautifully ornamented doors and windows still attract art lovers. The motifs, ordinarily of the Gods or Goddesses, add to the richness of the carvings. The crafts persons also used to do specific latticework to fill in the open space of the windows in order to give a screen like effect.


Garhwal, is famous for Mughal style of paintings introduced by a Mughal Prince. A rich collection of these paintings is displayed in the University Museum in Srinagar, Garhwal, along with many sculptures and findings from archaeological excavations.

The Folk Art of Kumaon known as Aipan, has been practiced by the women folk of Kumaon. Another kind of painting is known as Peeth, where floor of the seat of Gods and goddess is decorated with geometrical patterns.

Wall Painting

Wall paintings has been one of the oldest traditions of the region and usually two different kinds of paintings are followed for the Kitchen and another for the ritual ceremonial places. These painting are usually done on the occasion for domestic ceremonies such as marriages when walls and doors of the house are decorated.


Garhwal and Kumaon, traditional goldsmiths used to make traditional ornaments using design and patterns which are thousands of years old. The ornaments were made in gold, silver & often copper was overlaid in brass.

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