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Rajasthan is famous world wide for its mammoth and unassailable forts. But it's also famous for numerous handicrafts. Though this state is not well off in nature and life is more or less a struggle against many odds, the counterbalancing act is much productive as Rajasthani people display more valor and zest for the life expressing their feelings and thoughts in numerous crafts and their designs. There is a wealth of striking colors and fascinating forms in the Handicrafts of Rajasthan . Each period of history has attributed some strokes of ingenuity to the aesthetic heritage of this land. The kings and nobles were great patrons of arts and crafts. They encouraged the craftsmen to carry out their skills with optimum efficiency. You will find decoration in each of the entity belonging to Rajasthan. This is why each Rajasthani handicraft leaves you amazed.

Rajasthani Terracotta Making terracotta items is one of the various meticulous activities carried out by the artisans in Rajasthan.Terracotta is very old craft of this land. Diverse forms of pottery are made in different regions of Rajasthan. Alwar is known for producing paper-thin Kagazi Pottery, while Pokhran is renowned for white and red clay articles with geometric designs. Bikaner is home to the painted pottery, tinted with lac colors, while stoneware of Jaisalmer is quite fascinating. Attractive terracotta wall plaques generally depicting Lord Ganesha or local heroes are culled from Mulela.

Blue pottery

The land of origin of the art of glazed blue pottery is Persia. The art of making blue pottery flourished in Jaipur under the sway of Maharaja Ram Singh. The special feature of blue pottery is that, unlike others, it is made of ground quartz stone and clay is not used at all. The traditionally used colors are blue (extracted from oxide of cobalt), green (from the oxides of copper) and white.

Some pottery is semi translucent and in addition to traditional colors of blue and green, other combinations have now been evolved, such as canary yellow, dark blue and brown.

The best pieces of blue pottery are hand painted with conventional floral or arabesque patterns and sometimes with figures of animals. Besides traditional articles like surahis, pots and cylindrical jars, many other articles are made like ash-trays, tiles, flower pots, lamp stands, beads, earrings, soap dishes, jugs, mugs and door knobs.

Rajasthan visit is a must for the art and craft freaks.

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