Stoneware of Rajasthan



Rajasthani people enjoy with what they have got from the nature. With plenty of metal and stone resources they carve out some of the most nimble and deft work. The crafts of Rajasthan are world famous for their delicate patterns and subtle motifs.

Rajasthan is also a desired destination for wide range of precious and semi-precious jewelry. Dazzling ornaments are made in Jaipur and Jodhpur using precious stones like emerald, diamond, pearl, garnet, agate& lapis lazuli.


Metalwork of Rajasthan has created raves in the craft lovers of the world. This metalware comprises of artistic brass work, enameled, engraved and filigree work on silver. Jaipur, the Capital city of Rajasthan is famous for its engraved brass ware which is usually enameled. This engraving is done in three different styles. Chikan- it’s a bold floral ornamentation which stands out against the chased and lacquered surface. “Marori” is minute lacquered pattern covering the surface while “Bichi” is a technique of settling minute leaves and flowers all over a chased and lacquered surface.


Jaipur is a hub for the well-furnished and shining brass sculpture also. Vivid shades of enamel is also used to highlight the tracery of beaten brassware. Many decorative items are also created using different techniques of hammering, chasing, perforation, piercing and repousse. Various articles are made of silver metal with delicate chasing and engrafting. These articles vary from ‘handas’ or the water containers and spice bottles to baskets and trays. White metal articles are similarly manufactured and both are famous worldwide.

Jodhpur is famous for ‘badlas’ or water carriers made of zinc. They are usually round, semi-circular or rectangular are sometimes fitted with ice chambers and taps. In koftagiri or the art of damascening, practiced mostly Alwar and Jaipur, one metal is entrusted into another in form of wire. Popular articles with the effect of this art are swords, daggers and shield.


The stones of Rajasthan are carved in the religious theme predominantly all over the state. The larger than life images are, skillfully sculpted in different varieties of stones. In Jaipur white marble is transformed in the statues of gods and goddesses as well as animal and human figures. The soft, pink sandstone, tamara stone, copper hued with green specks and the soft chlorite of Dungarpur, oiled to a rich black are other varieties of stone. These stones are used for making icons, animal forms, utility items, figures etc. The stone sculptors are booked for whole year and their handiworks travel to all the regions of the world.

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