Leather Ware and Doll Making



Rajasthan is home not only to the handicrafts of stone or the metal but it’s also equally well known for the flourishing art in leather and other goods. So many beautiful things are prepared from leather and its byproducts. Among several wonderful articles which are produced in leather, ‘Mojadi’ or ‘Jutti’ the most popular one. This product is a famous footwear of India and widely known for their ethnicity and unique designs. In this product, leather is embroidered punched, studded and stitched in various eye-catching. Jaipur and Jodhpur are the best-known centers of leather footwear. Among other products of leather, ‘Kupi’ is also very famous which is a bottle made of camel hide to keep oil or attar (perfume). Bikaner is a famous place for Kupis. Manoti art is the reminiscent of the exquisite marble work of Mughal era. In this novel art articles like lamps, lampshades etc. are colored and decorated with floral designs and figures and plated with gold leaf.

Toys and dolls of Rajasthan

Making toys and dolls is another vocation which is loved by the inhabitants of Rajasthan. The toys and dolls made in Bassi are inspired by the local legends. Shringardani is a little cosmetic box, which is given to the bride on her wedding day and it’s a toy for children as well. Udaipur is famous for wooden toys. Similarly, Merta in Nagaur district is known for the soft tinted clay toys.

In Jaipur toy makers make elephants and horses of stuffed cloth, decorated with the tinsel or embroidered cloth Brilliantly colored birds and animals of papier-mache are also favorites of many art lovers. Rajasthani puppets are particularly charming on account of their exaggerated eyes and lips as well as their colorful attires.


It’s a very well known fact that Sandal is known for its fragrance. In Rajasthan sandalwood is carved to make out beautiful and fragrant images. It’s used in some other areas ranging from caravans of tiny camels to decorate a mantelpiece to key chains, paper knives and trinket boxes.

Inlaid Wood

The inlay art enhances the natural sheen of wood by juxtaposing it with other material. It involves embedding plastic, bone, other varieties of wood and metal into flat wooden surface in a decorative way. This craft is used in the decoration of chair-backs, tabletops and smaller items like trinket boxes. The most amazing art in this category is ‘taarkashi’or wire inlay where delicate loops of brass or copper set off the dark, polished surface of wood.

Decoration of wood is also done by using colored lacquer. This work is traditionally famous from Udaipur. The items produced include tables, teapots, lamps and decorative items in lovely designs and soft shades.

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