Crafts of Mizoram



The crafts of Mijoram are made from the resources available locally with adroit patterns and unique designs. One has to see them to believe the intricate traditional designs woven by the Mizo women, born weavers who produce what can only be described as art on their looms. The Mizos have held on to certain patterns that have come down through the ages. These designs have become deeply rooted in their tribal consciousness and have become part of the heritage of the Mizos. The traditional craft of Mizos can also be seen in their exquisite cane and bamboo work - where both utilitarian and decorative pieces find pride of place.

The womenfolk of Mizoram have practically realised that their age old practice of handloom weaving has now become economically unviable unless new technologies and artistic innovations are embraced. The Mizoram handicraft products hold a lot of potential as far as opportunities for job creation and market demands are concerned. At present only an insignificant number of people are engaged in this sector.

Given the relatively good international demand for the Mizoram handicrafts, it will do a world of good to the Mizoram artists if their products are made to suit to international taste and designs.Efforts should also be made to obtain modern technologies for bamboo and cane industries from those countries, which have the latest and best technologies.

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