Crafts of Meghalaya



Megalaya is an important state of the north eastern part of India. Hand weaving is much sought after vocation of the artisans here not only in cloth but also in cane. The Khasis are famous for weaving cane mat, stools and baskets. Their special kind cane mat called 'Tlieng', is famous for its durability which guarantees a good utility span of around 20-30 years. Baskets, sleeping mats, winnowing fans, rain shields manufactured out of plaited bamboo and cane are mostly found in the rural areas. Jaintia fishing traps made of bamboo sticks are also noted for functional beauty.

The favourite women clothing of the Meghalaya is known as Dakbanda. These garments are well decorated with depictions of beautiful flowers and butterflies, in various colour combines. The Khasis have also been involved in extracting iron ore and then manufacture domestic knives, utensils and even guns and other warfare weapons using it.

In some Jaintia and Garo villages, engravings of the figures of men and animals are found on the house walls. Near Jowai, the carvings of a lover and his beloved are seen which evoke acclaim even today for artistry and ingenuity in designing.


The cane bridges hanging over quick-flowing streams also testify to the superb craftsmanship of the Khasis and Jaintias.

The non- Christian Garos erect memorials for the dead. Those are actually statues engraved in wooden posts, in the shape, form and facial resemblance of the deceased. The original house-types are found in some of the interior villages.

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