States Special: Ethnic Crafts



India is a handicrafts power house, its each state is replete with different craft traditions. Each state in India not only has its distinctive ethnic identity, language, culture, natural resources – but also a varied tradition of handicrafts and art works. From north to south, east to west – you’ll be amazed to find the diversity of ethnic Indian crafts. Artifacts made of wood, stone, clay, textile, paintings – you name it and each Indian state has it. Some of the crafts traditions were born out of necessity, while others developed simply out of man’s instinctive attraction towards all things beautiful. Regional history, social ambience, religion, culture, natural resources and demography were largely responsible for the evolution of these diverse ethnic crafts traditions in India. From time immemorial, Indians have made temple architecture, painted cave walls or the walls of their humble huts, worn jewelry made of stones and gems, woven garments and made patterns on them. Till today, the saga of Indian ethnic crafts remains undiminished in its glory and grandeur. Read more about the crafts specific to each of the Indian states.
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