Wood Sculptures



The art of sculpting wood is one that requires skill, patience and creativity. Wood sculptures are made almost all over India, and the southern states of Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu have an exceptionally grand tradition of wood sculpting. They have become synonymous with intricately carved
wooden statues and figures.

Indian Centers of Wood Sculpting

The southern state of Karnataka is famous for its rosewood and sandalwood sculptures. Statues made of shivani teak are also popular. The most popular subject is the elephant. Figures of Hindu gods and goddesses , Christ, Buddha , and of birds and other animals are also crafted from wood by talented artisans. The cities of Mysore and Bangalore are famous for their rosewood sculptures.

In Kerala , sheesham (rosewood) statues are sculpted in Trivandrum and Trichur. Ernakulam and Cochin are important centers of wood sculpture crafting. In addition to rosewood, sandalwood is another popular type of wood used. Sculptors make exquisite statues of animals like the elephant, rhino, tiger, camel, horse. Kathakali dancers, Buddha, Christ and Hindu statues are popularly sculpted.


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